Awesome tech companies that helped me and I wish to work with them for future projects!

Awesome tech companies that helped me and I wish to work with them for future projects!


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Konichiwa guys!

Okay, straight to the point, in this article I am gonna write about some of the awesome companies and their projects that I have been using and I wish to work with them in the future on various projects that I plan to do.



Now if you are a fellow blogger from Hashnode, you probably already know about Auth0, its services help you to set up login/signup for your android or web applications and is one of the best(if not the best) services available for this stuff.

Also not only that, you can store user data and do all other advanced stuff that you usually do to maintain the user database of your service or apps. Auth0 already sponsored a hackathon last month on Hashnode which had some awesome submissions( I was not able to participate in the hackathon because I joined Hashnode the day the hackathon ended ๐Ÿ˜…) but when I looked at the projects submissions, that was some awesome stuff.

I don't wanna elongate this article, so take some time and go read Auth0 docs.

W3 Schools


W3 Schools is one of the best websites available on the internet through which you can learn various programming languages like, Python, Javascript, Java, and HTML(I know its markup language lol).

I came across W3 Schools 2 years ago when I wanted to learn HTML so that I could make some web pages and stuff and it would also help me make my blog so that I could share my articles with people.

W3 Schools has an awesome and arranged UI which is user-friendly for a complete beginner and you can learn from the utter start, the theory, and do practice within the website itself, yeah it has an inbuilt practice compiler!

There are both free and paid courses by the way.

Visit W3 Schools here.



Now I was thinking not to include this, but as the prompt for Day 4 of Hashnode Bootcamp was to tell about the products of companies that excites us to work with them, I decided to go for it.

Now, Canva is probably the most famous online media editing tool available and I have been using it for like 2 years, I used to have a youtube channel and I wanted a tool which I could use to make good thumbnails but fast and simple, and that's when I found Canva!

You are a complete beginner and haven't edited a picture even in your smartphone? No problem, you can still use Canva, its that simple, and even this post's thumbnail is made with Canva and so are all of my posts' thumbnails.

Canva is free to use but you can use the paid version for more features, so visit here

Thanks for reading till the end! (Feedback in comments is appreciated)