My experience learning Python as a beginner

My experience learning Python as a beginner

Why I decided to start with Python?

Now if you have read my previous blog posts you guys know that I started coding in 2018, but left after a month or so. At that time I learned HTML, and while I was using Android studio I googled a bit for JAVA too(I kept googling stuff and somehow it kept working lol).

And it has almost been a week since I started learning to code again and the language that I chose to learn as my first programming language is Python.

Also, this blogpost is the submission for the prompt of Day 3 of Hashnode Bootcamp and for a niche, I would like to be known as a Content creator for coders, now it was suggested to narrow down my niche but because I am a beginner I can't just decide on what to aim for yet, but I do enjoy writing these blogs about coding and stuff in which I can share my experience and interact with different people.

Reason for choosing Python

Now yeah, you might have already guessed it, It's easy. Python is probably one of the easiest(if not the easiest) languages to learn for a beginner, and also it's used in web development which is one of the things that I really wanna learn.

Also, I searched up on Google and Youtube about which language should a beginner learn, and most of them suggested Python because of these reasons

  • It is simple, actually more than simple!


This was the main reason for learning Python, now the hard thing about learning programming languages which I think most of the beginners including me might have faced is the syntax. Now we all know programming languages are not simple. you write in English(at least the font is lol) but at the same time, it is like you are writing a completely different language. Because the syntaxes are like pre-defined sentences that mean something in the language but at the same time are meaningless in English.

Now Python has probably the easiest syntax to learn, for example, if you have to print Hanu is a genius in Java, this is the syntax

System.out.println("Hanu is a genius");

But if you want to print the same thing in Python this is the syntax

print("Hanu is a genius")

See? You don't even have to use a semi-colon at the end of each line of code, which is one of the most annoying things about coding.

  • One of the fastest-growing languages


Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the world right now, so that means it is gonna get better and better in the future with more updates and with more versatile uses of it, now I don't need to explain this point much as all reading this probably knows that popular a thing gets, the better it usually becomes.

  • Open-source with large community support


Python has a humungous community worldwide and is open source, which means the community that uses python is contributing to it daily to improve it and make it even easier for you to use.

You got a doubt? Why not search it on stackoverflow? There are tons of people like you dealing with the same stuff and getting same doubts and are ready to help you!

and there are a lot more which you guys might be interested in!

  • Large standard library

  • High-level language

  • Object-Oriented Language

  • GUI support

My experience

Now, I am not much of a pro in this, it's only been a week since I started coding in python and I have only learned some data types and operators yet(But I plan on making some open-source projects which I will present in my future blog posts).


It's much easier to learn code than you think it is, and here's a video that I am using to learn python.

Well, I really don't know if I should have written this article as a review or something since I am a beginner, so I would love to get some feedback in the comments.

Thank you for reading!