My first day starting out in technical writing and Hashnode Bootcamp!

My first day starting out in technical writing and Hashnode Bootcamp!


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Hello folks!

This is my first blogpost on hashnode and yeah of course I am very excited while writing this and in this post, I am going to share -

  • Why I decided to learn to start a blog about technical writing

  • My thoughts about hashnode bootcamp


Now about me, I am a young 16-year-old tech geek who is interested in writing blogs, coding, computer hardware, and stuff. The first blog I started was back in 2018 on blogger and it was when I started learning a bit about coding and stuff. Now, the reason for starting a blog was because at that time I was learning HTML(I know HTML is not a programming language but a markup language, no need to spam in comments ๐Ÿ˜‚) and I needed something to practice it on. So I started a simple blog, tried testing several themes on it, and wrote some blogs about the simple things I learned on the internet every day.

The reason I started learning to program was that I was inspired by one of my friends named Gourav who at that time was a beginner in android programming too and I was fancied by the things one could do through learning to code.

Now you might be wondering if I wanted to do android programming then why did I start learning HTML, well I was a complete beginner to even writing any language and I had to start somewhere, yeah that seems like the best answer I can give right now.

For some months I learned a bit about HTML, JAVA(only a little just to operate Android Studio), and then.....well then I left!


My comeback in blogging

And yeah, after so much time I spent doing other things now I am back to blogging again because I found out about Hashnode and yeah I just liked the way it is providing opportunities to people like me to start their own blog with so many features so that even a complete beginner can start a blog with scratch. And today was my first day with my comeback and I am now starting out by learning Python and for that, I am referring internet because the thing that I have learned in the past year is the best way to learn is by finding out stuff on the internet and practicing, making mistakes and then solving them out yourself.

By the way here's the video that I am currently using to learn the basics of Python(the video belongs to the youtube channel Clever Programmer )

First day of Hashnode Bootcamp

Also today many of the Hashnode writers including me attended the first day of Hashnode Bootcamp and learned stuff about technical writing, I myself am a beginner now so I thought about including this topic in this article too to include the review of a beginner mindset!

Honestly, any beginner would love the ideas and suggestions shared on the first day which was hosted by Sam Sycamore, Quincy Larson and Edidiong Asikpo. Those were some awesome people that I would love to learn more stuff about blogging in the future, also and the session was packing some serious Knowledge.

Edidiong Asikpo shared some really awesome quotes for motivating new writers and also told about her strategies on technical writing and stuff and the hosts also answered most of the questions, one of the best camps I have ever attended as the communication was really good!

Now I would like to end the article just by asking review in the comments(criticism is welcome) so that I could improve my blogging and writing skills. Also, I am gonna continue and learn more and more about coding.

Thanks to everyone who stuck to the article so far, though it was not a long one!